How to Select Best Camping in Rishikesh

How to Select Best Camping in Rishikesh-

Camping is the best way to take a break from your mundane life of daily routine. It refreshes your inner strength and makes wonderful ways to lie back in indulge in leisure activities. Camping is the best outdoor leisure activities for every age group of people.

Normally camps or tents are primitive structure of nylon and makes by fabric (safari tents). There is no luxury bed like in a house (only luxury camps offer this facility) and no electricity but we can enjoy there with Laltain it makes our tour totally adventurous and we will feel our self to close with nature.

Actually It’s totally dependent on you how to take enjoy in camping and how you make it memorable for a long time. As per my experience all camps are normally similar but deference only is camp location. Actually camps are categorized according to the facilities.but I will say each camp has it’s unique glory. So select the camp on choice. There are three camps –  Jungle camping, Beach camping and Luxury camping. All camps are famous for their attributes and camping places offers you the varied topography in different destinations.

Beach Camping- 

It held near the river only then it’s called Beach Camping. Beach camping is unforgettable and really a rousing family adventure, which not only provides an ample opportunity for river rafting, but one can also indulge in the recreational sports activity. There are temporary toilets and carry the water in bucket but it’s give you wonderful experience with river site and beach camping.  Beach camping offers you adventures sports like river rafting, beach volley ball, swimming, body surfing and others.


Jungle Camping-

Jungle Camps are the best way to fell nature beauty and wildlife for the travels as well as the nature lovers. Its head inside the jungle only then it’s know jungle camping.  This offers to you adventure sport inside the jungle like water fall tracking, rock climbing, rappelling, bird watching, Cliff Jumping and other. Jungle camping offers you amazing experience on jungle.


Luxurious Camping-

Luxury camping invites adventure lovers and travelers from different parts of world. Luxury camps provide you with attached bathroom, hand held shower and mirror. Running water is also continuously available. One can enjoy with luxury camping, tracking, rock climbing, rappelling, bird watching and others sports.


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